︎ rest in people (r.i.p) / design activism / 2019 ︎
Creating a movement which seeks the regulation
of planned obsolescence.

(r.i.p) movement / the petition against planned obsolescence

(r.i.p) movement / street propaganda

Nowadays, the discard of electrical and electronic devices is the fastest-growing stream of solid waste. By 2021, each world citizen will produce 6.8 kg of this discard.

One of its main factors is planned obsolescence. However, there are only a few countries that define and regulate it. Although the UK is the second producer of e-waste, is not in between them.

By writing a petition, I aim to propose different actions to be taken by the UK Government. This document seeks the regulation of planned obsolescence, better product information, and the designing of repairable products. Nevertheless, only with an engaged civic movement, these changes would be possible.

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If you want to read an sign the petition click here.

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