︎ shoe re.building / upcycling / 2019 ︎
Taking advantage of London street materials,

re.building discarded shoes.

shoe re.building / 01

This is the first exercise of shoe re.building.

From a discarded shoe found in Sussex Way (London) I have tried to create a new heel boot, using most of its previous materials.

shoe re.building /  02

This is the exercise 02 of shoe re.building.

With a plastic tote bag and a sandal found around Seven Sisters street (London), I have created a waterproof boot.

shoe re.building /  03

This is the exercise 03 of shoe re.building. 

From a flat back shoe found in Holloway Road (London), I have designed a sandal only using its different soles.

shoe re.building /  03

This is the fourth exercise of shoe re.building.

Using a pair of converse found in Caledonian Road (London) and combining them with the fabric of the previous flat shoe, I could make my own version of this iconic design.

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